Is Trias a hidden Gem?

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With every bullish move upwards within the crypto space there was a certain period when projects with a small market cap listed on KuCoin managed to gain a huge hype.

On of these coins was the TRIAS token by the Trias Lab Foundation. Once one TRIAS was worth more than $30. Now the project sits at a $15 million market cap which makes one TRIAS worth just over $3.

What is Trias?

Trias presents a full-stack decentralized trusted cloud infrastructure. It offers an ecosystem for all-scale, general-purpose, and enterprise-ready applications as well.

Their own product called TriasForce is a software complex and serves as a Decentralized-SaaS. TriasForce ensures the trustworthiness of the underlying software.

TriasForce includes following products:

  • TriasForce Auditing
  • TriasForce Security
  • TriasForce ERP

In the future Trias wants to enable individual developers to develop their own dApps with smart contracts.

The project aims to solve the core 'Trust Issues' there are within the crypto space. Trias roots trust into machines with assurance that the machines will 'do what they are told to do'.

Trias' impressive Team

The team behind the Trias Lab Foundation consists of over 70 team members. Research and development is done in three centers located in Beijing, Hangzhou and Tokyo.

The Trias Lab Foundation has already managed to receive more than 40 patents and is partnered with the Shanghai Open-source Information Technology Association.

Trias: Three Layers

The infrastructure offered by Trias is composed of three different layers:

  • Leviatom: similar to Hashgraph or DAGs, integration of Trusted Execution Environments and Heterogeneous Consensus Graph
  • Prometh: achieves traceable and verifiable general-purpose software development
  • MagCarta: consensus-orientated programming paradigm for high-order enterprise dApps

Roadmap for Trias in 2022

There is a lot of things the Trias Lab Foundation wants to build in the year of 2022. This includes further development of three products which are:

  • Triathon: A decentralized community-driven, testing and auditing framework for blockchains and dApps
  • Ethanim: A metaverse infrastructure that can provide service for metaverse projects
  • Tusima: An EVM-compatible public chain where developers can test their dApps which also enables privacy computing


China's crackdown on cryptocurrencies did not spare the Trias Lab Foundation. One can only imagine how hard it has to be for crypto developers in this country since the recent ban on cryptocurrencies.

The community complained about a ongoing lack of communication from the Trias team. The Trias Lab Foundation said the lack of communication had to do with the Chinese restrictions on cryptocurrencies. They also said, they will change that in this year by relocating their business operations out of China.

Trusting machines is an important topic even since before blockchain technology was popular and therefore we think the idea behind Trias is well-needed.

If they can deliver what they are promising and step up their communication management Trias will go places.

How do you buy TRIAS?

One of the easiest ways of buying TRIAS is by using Kucoin.

If you do not want to use a centralized exchange you can use a PancakeSwap and store it on your MetaMask wallet.


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