All you need to know about Hive Investments


Within the general space of DeFi there are constantly coming up innovations and new sectors. There are DeFi protocols that identify themselves as DeFi-as-a-Service (DaaS), Nodes-as-a-Service (NaaS) or Farming-as-a-Service (FaaS).

Hive Investments aims to be a next-generation NFT and DeFi-as-a-Service protocol on Polygon. The protocol promises to focus on sustainability, transparency, and reliability.

Sustainability of Hive Investments

For now, achieving sustainability is a major concern for a lot of DeFi protocols. Hive Investments tries to solve that with their tokenomics and their operating model.

A portion of the generated revenue will be dedicated to the treasury of Hive Investments. Their designated experts will then go on and try to maximize the treasury growth in order to achieve long-term sustainability. The returns from these investments will then be used to do buybacks of their native token HNY.

Furthermore, the native token will get utility within the ecosystem of Hive Investments. The first branch of the developed ecosystem will be their own NFT marketplace called 'Hexagon'.

Hive Investments and their NFTs

Their NFT collection called 'Genesis' will be minted directly in their dApp.

The initial minting fee for a Genesis NFT will be 10 HNY. After 8,000 NFTs have been sold, the minting price will increase by 0.5 HNY per mint every 8,000 further minted NFTs. HNY can be bought on Polygon's SushiSwap.

There will be 40,000 Genesis NFTs in total. From that 40,000 NFTs there will be 39,200 'Worker' NFTs, 600 'Guardian' NFTs and 200 'Queen' NFTs. With the NFTs there is a gamification aspect added, 'Worker' NFTs will pay 0.05 HNY (0.5%), 'Guardian' NFTs will pay 0.1 HNY (1%), and 'Queen' NFTs will pay 0.2 HNY (2%) per day.

To secure sustainability the team around Hive Investments created the 'Safe-Hive' policy. This policy is an emergency mechanism where 50% of rewards can be cut during massive market downturns.

Tokenomics of HNY

The total supply of the HNY token will be 1 million:

  • 440,000 for the treasury
  • 440,000 for rewards pool
  • 100,000 for the team wallet
  • 20,000 into the liquidity pool

Hive Conservation

Hive Conservation will act as the charitable arm of Hive Investments. They will use a percentage from the profits to partner with established conservation charities with a focus on bee protection.


Hive Investments has not launched yet (as of 9th March 2022) but all in all it looks like the team has thought of everything. People love investing in new concepts.

Besides their own NFT marketplace called Hexagon they plan on launching a NFT-launchpad called Hexagon Launchpad, the Hive Academy as a educational hub and further partnerships.

We still urge you to be careful if you choose to invest, since Hive Investments has gained a lot of popularity within the community and the price could explode when it finally launches.

How do you buy MATIC?

One of the easiest ways of buying MATIC is by using exchanges like Kucoin, Coinbase or Binance.

If you do not want to use a centralized exchange you can use a decentralized exchange.


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