StrongBlock - Leading the Nodes-as-a-Service Space

  • StrongBlock is the pioneer that first offered Nodes-as-a-Service (NaaS).
  • The DeFi-project is almost done building their own layer 1 blockchain.
  • A new token called $STRNGR was minted and will co-exist with $STRONG.


Nodes-as-a-Service projects allow investors to own their own blockchain nodes. Since running a blockchain node can be really challenging for investors without proper blockchain and programming knowledge NaaS projects try to offer a solution for this issue.

NaaS projects mainly offer investors to buy RPC nodes with the native token of the project. The purchased node offers a fixed yield and the rewards are payed out in the native token of the NaaS project.

RPC nodes are nodes that connect the blockchain and decentralized applications (dApps). RPC nodes help the dApps to communicate with the blockchain in order to access information and make transactions.

What is StrongBlock?

StrongBlock is a crypto project that mainly offers Nodes-as-a-Service. Besides that, they also offer incentives like staking.

Their self-proclaimed mission is to make blockchains easy for anyone who wants to support and participate in this sector.

The team tries to accomplish this through their breakthrough technology, where with a few clicks they create, host, maintain and update the nodes bought by their investors.

Change for Sustainability

The team around StrongBlock - like every other protocol offering high yields - was facing the problem of being not sustainable.

After 16 months of running on the Ethereum Blockchain the protocol around StrongBlock will soon move to its own chain: StrongChain.

Furthermore, their structure regarding tokens will change. Till now, every interaction with the StrongBlock protocol had to be done with their native token STRONG.

Staking was with STRONG, creating nodes was done with STRONG and also the rewards were payed out in STRONG. This changed on April 5 2022.

Yesterday, the protocol migrated all their nodes to their new rewards token STRNGR. From now on nodes will be created with the STRNGR token and also the rewards of the nodes will be payed out in STRNGR.

The team plans to use STRONG as a governance token and will be a much more scarce compared to how it used to be. At the moment, it's still unclear which incentives there will be in order to give STRONG new use cases.

Furthermore, the whole protocol will migrate to it's own layer 1 and EVM-compatible blockchain. This was decided in order to work around high fees on the Ethereum blockchain, users of StrongBlock experienced while interacting with the protocol.

Additionally, their own blockchain will come in handy, to further work on the sustainability issue.

The Team and their Partners

The core team and leadership of StrongBlock is:

  • David Moss - CEO
  • Brian Abramson - CTO
  • Corey Lederer - CPO
  • Konstantin Shkut - VP Software Dev

Especially David Moss is well-known within the crypto space and was already building other projects in this sector before starting StrongBlock.

The partners of StrongBlock are:

  • Fantom
  • Polygon
  • Sentinel
  • Pangea Blockchain Fund
  • DAO Maker
  • Bitcoin.com


StrongBlock is without a doubt the pioneer in the Nodes-as-a-Service sector. Once again, they are going where no one else was by building a whole layer 1 blockchain order to achieve sustainability for their investors.

In the last months the STRONG token was pushed into a downtrend from the selling pressure all the nodes generate. Now again, STRONG prices are falling because nobody knows what they incentives for STRONG will be exactly within the new blockchain.

Everybody can be assured of one thing though:

The team of StrongBlock is working relentlessly to prove all the doubters of the NaaS-space wrong!


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