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With well over 200,000 followers on Twitter, Muro has one of the bigger accounts and is a well-known persona within Crypto Twitter.


In this Vestorportal Spotlight edition we had the chance to talk with Muro.

With well over 200,000 followers on Twitter, Muro is a well-known persona within Crypto Twitter.

Read this interview to learn more about why Muro started with investing in cryptocurrencies, what he likes and dislikes about this space, which 10 accounts you should follow, and more.


What did you get started in crypto?

I started buying crypto-assets in Summer 2017 to make some extra money in short-term. Nothing more, nothing less. Didn’t plan to change my life or quit my job back then.

In what way did investing in cryptocurrencies impact your life?

You mean besides becoming less social, sleepless at nights and addicted to pain?
Jokes aside, just like everything else, it made me stronger. I mean I had to deal with emotions more than ever before and I already had enough drama in my past.
Of course, Crypto became more than just a short-term opportunity. I lost myself in it, got addicted, wanted to make it.

Since you are also known for trading - how did you learn technical analysis?

I was buying altcoins according FA and had my first real successes in 2018 when IDEX was released. I caught some coins that multiplied in short term, first 5 digit profits and I thought it makes sense to start trading with that capital.
Then I learned TA. No big deal, everyone can learn it.

Why did you get involved in the crypto space and was it your goal to grow your account this big?

I already had a Twitter account so I could follow alternative news because we all know that western media is not always very honest to say the least.
Then I followed Crypto-Twitter and somehow became part of it. I shared what I learned and was honest about everything.
No, I didn’t plan to grow my account this big. Never tagged big accounts, but always helped the smaller ones.

What keeps you on being active in Crypto Twitter?

Honestly, I barely used the benefits of having a bigger audience because most of them include potential harm to followers which is something that I always tried to prevent as much as possible. People know this.
But now after I got like 200K people following me I think I might benefit from it one day in some way, I don’t know yet.

What are things you don't like within the crypto community on Twitter?

There’s many things that I don’t like.
I don’t like negativity, I don’t like larps with open-mouth Youtube thumbnails who make millions by scamming followers, I don’ like impersonators, scammers. And these recent reply-bots are really a big problem.
Elon should focus on that instead of pumping shitcoins. Joke.

Do you have any advice for someone getting started within Crypto Twitter?

Yeah. If you think you post valuable content but get no followers, don’t be shy to show your influencers some extra love. They might help you.
In Crypto it can be useful to know the right people, so be positive and friendly.
Btw, I didn’t follow these advices myself but I know others who did successfully.
But what I suggest and also had myself is to have a group of friends who support each other.

Are there any accounts you would recommend following on Twitter regarding crypto?

Of course. I do recommend accounts on Twitter from time to time.

For TA and general updates it’s obviously:
Impossible to mention all good people here but these are some good accounts. I also like the content from the guys at PAkings.

What fits your investment approach best? Trading the bigger coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. or buying low cap altcoins?

As you already make clear both are different things. Bitcoin and Ethereum are for trading and low caps for investing. I do both from time to time.
And sometimes I do nothing.

What was your best investment regarding cryptocurrencies?

If STEPN keeps performing good like it does so far, I have to say STEPN.
I’m already up a lot but I also like the product. I use it myself and made some friends use it too.

Are there any mistakes you have made that you wouldn't make again looking back at your crypto investments?

No. I mean I had losers too but that’s part of the game and made me learn.
No regrets. No looking back.

Do you also invest in other assets outside the crypto world?

Yes, some real estates.

If someone follows you, they know you are in good shape and go to the gym regularly. How important is sport for you in order to be successful in crypto/life?

Yes man. Being fit increases life quality in general and also performance in trading.
I can say this with conviction. Go workout and get fit! Your portfolio will thank you.
Everything will pump then.

What would you tell someone that is struggling right now with their crypto investments?

After a 2 year bull market in which literally everything had their run, people probably hold altcoins in loss. Not easy to say HODL at the moment to be honest.
I would rather suggest to limit losses and look for new opportunities.
Crypto always has new narratives and trends. Try to get in early in the next ones.

2 years from now: Is Muro still active on Twitter?

You mean if we don’t get an alien invasion or anything like that next? Yeah, if Elon doesn’t fuck it up.
I’ll be playing games in metaverse with Crypto friends and you’re all invited.
Thank you, stay blessed!


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