Meme Lordz - World's First Free Meme-To-Earn NFT game

Blockchain games massively rose in popularity in 2021 and also native tokens of blockchain games managed to book huge gains.

Meme Lordz

For this edition of the Vestorportal Spotlight series we had the chance to talk to Ryan Smith. Ryan is the Founder and CEO of the blockchain game Meme Lordz.

Learn more about Meme Lordz, what they want to achieve with their game and what Ryan thinks of the future of blockchain games.


What is Meme Lordz?

Meme Lordz is the world’s first free-to-play, meme-to-earn NFT game. Powered by Unity, Binance Smart Chain & Chain Link VRF, reminiscent of classic genre masterpieces, our top-down role-playing game (RPG) allows players to explore a vibrant open world environment that cultivates a rich 80+ hour storyline, filled with deep lore and pure comedic gold. Meme Lordz enables players to earn income by finding, capturing and then minting blockchain non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which represent the Meme Lord found inside the game! Players can also earn $BNB / $Lordz when our upcoming official play-to-earn system is available online.
Explore the corrupted world of Planet Memnon, where the thought forms of humanity manifest as ghostly "Meme Lordz". Battle your way to glory as you complete quests, gather items, train and evolve your Lordz, and most importantly .... cleanse the corruption!

How did the team come up with the desire to build Meme Lordz?

The desire to create Meme Lordz came from a place of dis-satisfaction with the current state of blockchain gaming … and gaming in general to that end. After deeply surveying the blockchain gaming landscape, I noticed a severe lack of depth & playability apart in nearly every title on the market.
False promises, incomplete products & straight up copy-paste, basic game projects seemed to dominate the space. Being from a time when gaming was pure and creative, with little additional monetization beyond the initial purchase, I was both upset and incredibly determined to change things. This realization empowered me to give both the players and the wider blockchain gaming concept, the respect and dedication it deserves. Thus, Meme Lordz was spawned: a project, in which the game and playability comes first.

What do Memes stand for and why are they important in your opinion?

Memes are the world’s largest wellspring of ideas, jokes, tunes, catchphrases and fashions that ebb and flow through the expanse of the internet and collective hive mind. Memes have the ability to compress large amounts of information into bite sized symbolic pictures and ideas. They have the power to propagate through the collective human thought-sphere like a knife through butter and thus are immensely powerful.
Whether it's a highly charged political meme or a light-hearted one that explores basic human experience, all humans can understand and relate to them, as they penetrate the cultural and geographical distances setting humans apart.
In the modern context, memes represent a new era of expression and drive trends globally. For the reasons mentioned above, memes are very dear to my heart.

How big is the team building Meme Lordz?

The Meme Lordz team consists of 8 core members. A team big enough to deliver a professional and polished product, while small enough to maintain the original creative vision of the project. Each member of the Meme Lordz team has a wide array of technical and creative skills, which allow us to rapidly prototype and develop new features. The multidisciplinary nature of each talented team member creates the perfect environment for innovation and rapid, barrierless development.

What important milestones does Meme Lordz aim to achieve in the near future?

The Meme Lordz team is incredibly excited to deliver some of the biggest milestones in the project’s history in the near future. The culmination of our vision is finally upon us with a full Multiplayer system, final story expansion zone release and our lucrative play-to-earn system which will allow players to earn a daily amount of $BNB.
We also aim to list on larger centralized exchanges and continue to foster the positive and rewarding community dynamic that has swept so many of our players and investors off their feet.

What incentives are there for people to hold $Lordz?

Holders of our beloved $Lordz token receive many benefits & incentives. The $Lordz token lies at the center of the Meme Lordz game, being the currency required for minting Meme Lordz NFTs & purchasing NFT items. This means that as our game grows and the demand for our NFTs increases, so too does the demand for $Lordz.
$Lordz fees, accumulated from minting fees, are used in many ways to bolster the value of $Lordz and fund the circular play-to-earn economy. $Lordz gained via minting fees will be used in the following ways:
  • Burnt from supply
  • Pooled for P2E pools
  • Redistributed to holders
Holding $Lordz also provides the opportunity to make additional income through our staking and farming pools.

Could you tell us something about the staking option for LORDZ?

Meme Lordz currently has both a single $Lordz staking pool (5% APY) and a $Lordz-$BNB PCS-LP (255% APY) token farming pool live.
The staking pool allows users to earn additional $Lordz tokens in a low risk environment that provides steady annual gains.
The farming pool allows users to earn additional $Lordz tokens in a higher risk environment that provides even more lucrative annual gains. Users must provide an equal amount of $BNB / $Lordz to the liquidity pool on PancakeSwap and use their LP tokens to farm in our pool. This pool features a much higher APY rate to compensate users for the risks of providing liquidity and impermanent loss.

How would you describe the core values of Meme Lordz?

The core values of Meme Lordz are that of honesty, inclusivity and dedication. The project is incredibly community focused and has been made ‘by the people, for the people’. To that end we have aimed to foster an environment, in which everyone’s voice is heard and all community members are treated fairly and equally. These core values feed into our game and system dynamics … ultimately manifesting in the completely free-to-play, play-to-earn game you see before yourself today.

What differentiates Meme Lordz from other blockchain games?

The primary difference between Meme Lordz and other blockchain games is the sheer depth and raw playability of our game. With a storyline spanning 80+ hours and a combat system which keeps players engaged and thinking, the Meme Lordz game is captivating players everyday.
Whether you find yourself grinding for rare items, doing side-quests or hunting for the rarest Meme Lord, we are confident all our players can see that Meme Lordz is different. By placing the highest priority and importance on the raw gameplay, we feel that we have created something that can be played for years to come.

Where do you see blockchain games going in the coming years?

I see blockchain games rapidly growing over the next 12 months as more and more AAA game studios begin to dip their toes into the blockchain world. I see players being empowered by owning their own skins, items and breaking away from the traditional models, now standardized in the modern gaming world.
I see radical decentralization and community DAO based games dominating the space as the world is shown what humans can do when the hierarchical, archaic, corporate structures are decimated by the immutable digital ledger technology that we call blockchain.


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