IAMLLUCIANA - Being the Capo of Crypto Twitter


This Vestorportal.com Spotlight is the first edition featuring a public figure on 'Crypto Twitter' (CT).

IAMLLUCIANA, best known as Capo, talks about 9 accounts to follow for technical analysis', what he likes and dislikes on Crypto Twitter, his biggest wins regarding crypto investments, and a lot more.

A short message from our Executive Writer Julian:

Usually, the Vestorportal.com Spotlight articles feature interviews and more interesting insights on certain projects within the crypto world.

Having Capo featured in one of our Spotlight articles has two reasons:

First, as one of the bigger public figures in the crypto space he is a perfect match to give interesting insights a 'normal' Twitter user just couldn't.

But on a more important, rather personal, note:

I myself have been following Capo for a long time now. When I first started my private crypto investments I quickly saw large gains that all of a sudden completely vanished when the next downtrend arrived.

Devastated and on the edge to end my personal crypto chapter, Capo's tweets motivated me to get back up and try even harder. Eventually, that worked out.

I hope you enjoy this edition of our Spotlight series.

Spotlight with Capo

How did you get into crypto?

In 2015, I was with a friend who told me “Bitcoin may be the next big thing”. I ignored, he bought LTC, BTC and I stayed poor and wage cucked till 2017.
Then the same friend told me buy XRP in 2017. Rode it. Saw unrealized profit, took it for actual money invested more at the top and got rekt.

Why did you get involved in the Crypto Twitter space?

For education initially and to buy the latest shills from influencers.
Then I realized I need to send my own bags. Anyone who says different is a liar. I didn’t come to make friends. Making friends was a convenient byproduct.

What do you like most about Crypto Twitter?

Best aspects. I met a few of my current best friends in CT there when I was going through a rough patch and didn’t have many friends in crypto at the time.
It gave me a platform to be “known”.
Also love the dopamine rush I get from likes on my tweets.

Are there specific things you dislike within the crypto community on Twitter?

I dislike how some of these kids are so detached from reality. I dislike how the flexors show off the PNLs, cars, watches.
It’s all fake. Go larp on Instagram not here.

What are important things a new investor should be aware of before interacting within Crypto Twitter?

Don’t trust anyone. Everyone is here to dump on each other. It is your money, take responsibility for it.

If someone would look for Fundamental Analysis' (FA) on crypto projects within Twitter, which accounts would you recommend?

Man… CURRENTLY? It’s difficult to say. Firstly what is a “fundamental analysis”. Someone who shills their own bags. No one does fundamental analysis unless it’s paid or they have a vested interest so the analysis is always subjective.
In my opinion SageyTrading legitimately does very good fundamental analysis.
In the past, I really liked Nik Patel's reports on Twitter. He had the FA game locked.

Besides Fundamental Analysis's people also love to check out Technical Analysis' (TA). Are there any accounts you yourself keep up to date with regarding their TA?

For Bitcoin, ETH and high caps it’s:

Since you are a cryptocurrency trader yourself, how would you describe your personal approach on crypto investments?

Trade narratives. If hitting 2-3x profit remove initial investment. Ride free bags.

What is the single most important thing for you when doing research on a possible new crypto investment?

How many X’s can I pull on this?

What was your most profitable investment regarding cryptocurrencies?

  • LCX 100x
  • VRA 100x
  • YFII 100x
  • HTR 100x
  • RUNE 250x
These are the best ones which I bought at the bottom and rode for the most profit.
Don’t take this as “Capo never gets it wrong”. I get it wrong. Many many times. I’ve had pretty big losses too. But these were epic calls.

What is the biggest mistake you have ever made looking back at your crypto investments?

Thinking they go up forever.
Getting greedy and investing more than I can afford to lose and acting like a shitcoin collector rather than a trader.
Portfolio complacency is another. Not tracking my bags diligently enough and then they go to zero.

Do you also invest in other assets besides cryptocurrencies?

Yes, future and current blue chip NFTs.

How important is a healthy lifestyle as well as physical training for you as a person? Would you say in order to be a long term successful trader in crypto a healthy lifestyle is necessary?

Not necessary but helps with decision making.
For me I love physical training, anything which involves competitiveness and combat. I’m all about it.
Also, if you can master discipline of your health and body, discipline in trading will translate, too.

Do you have any motivational piece of advice for the people out there struggling with their crypto investments?

Keep the faith. All you need is one break, one trade, maybe one person to bet on you and it all turns around for you.
Work harder than ever, and keep the faith. All praise and glory be to God.

Are there still any goals you want to achieve on your crypto journey?

I think to become a better shitposter. It’s a talent.

Why and how did you start with charitable donations?

I've been blessed with more than I imagined. All I wanted was to pay debts off and prove a few haters wrong. I also never went without food or water. I guess it’s also a compassion factor, you help those less fortunate and poorer. So felt it’s my job to give.
My father always taught me to give charity and without delving too much into religious beliefs here, it’s my duty to give and help.
I was initially skeptical to even mention / disclose charity work on Twitter as the reward of helping people charitably is spiritual and from God and not from the people. But sharing it created a chain reaction of others becoming inspired.
I deleted the posts for treatment donations I contributed to outside of food bags as I felt this should truly remain anonymous as it’s more respectful.
The only work you can see now is on vortexics82 page In crypto, we don’t realize there are many people down bad in the world.

That $50 ETH gas fee you don’t care about could feed someone’s entire family for a week.
We need perspective.

2 years from now: Is Capo still active on Twitter?

Likely not. I wanna get out of Twitter this year. Whether I do it is a different question.
But it’s addictive and time wasting. It adds dopamine to my life and not really much else.


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