Group of four exposed as serial NFT scammers

A group of four Croats supposedly made millions of rug pulling NFT projects regularly. This was exposed by zachxbt who is popular for his research on shady activities and crimes within the crypto space.

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Photo by Mika Baumeister / Unsplash

This article is based on the research done by zachxbt.

On Wednesday a group of four Croatian men was exposed by zachxbt for rug pulling at least 9 different NFT projects. According to zachxbt the group scammed investors for at least $2.8M.

The NFT projects that got rugged by the group of scammers include:

  • DAOTurtles
  • Saconi Holmovimiento
  • Pixel Cat Gang
  • Baller Headz
  • Bored Ape Tattoo Shop
  • Trippy Ape
  • Acid Ape Candy
  • High Club
  • Drippy Jesus

At the time of writing 8 of the 9 projects listed have no media presence anymore, Twitter accounts are deleted and websites are offline.

Zachxbt went ahead and visualized the flow of the funds that ended up in the wallets of the four men.

Visualization of funds
Visualization of funds no. 1 by zachxbt
Visualization of funds 2
Visualization of funds no. 2 by zachxbt

On the visualization shown above it shows three ENS addresses registered as keelito.eth, lexii.eth and mvpnft.eth.

Two of the ENS addresses could be connected to Twitter accounts, with one even following zachxbt.

Furthermore, zachxbt was able to find the Instagram accounts of the scammers:

Screenshot by zachxbt - account is already deleted
Screenshot 2
Screenshot by zachxbt - accounts are already deleted

If you happen to recognize one of the individuals shown above we encourage you to report them to the relevant authorities.


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