How to bridge coins from Ethereum to Polygon?

How to bridge coins from Ethereum to Polygon?

The Polygon Blockchain and its network usage is growing fast and new dApps are being launched every other day. In this article we will explain how you can transfer ETH or other ERC-20 Tokens from Ethereum to Polygon using the Polygon Bridge within the Polygon Web Wallet.

Open the Polygon Web Wallet

Open the Polygon Web Wallet and click on Polygon Bridge.

Choose your wallet

You have to decide which wallet you are going to use. The Polygon Bridge supports MetaMask, the Coinbase Wallet, Bitski Wallet, Venly and WalletConnect.

Note: Currently, there is a bug in the MetaMask mobile app that affects bridge transaction. If you choose to bridge via MetaMask this is only possible on a desktop device.

Connect your wallet

In this case we connected with our MetaMask wallet via desktop. Make sure you are connected to the right network. While you should have installed both networks (Ethereum & Polygon) in your MetaMask wallet, the selected network has to be the outgoing network. Since we want to bridge from the Ethereum Blockchain to Polygon, the selected network is Ethereum Mainnet.

Select the token you want to bridge

Make sure you chose 'Deposit'. Select the token you want to bridge from the dropdown. Then enter the amount you want to bridge of the chosen token. Also make sure you have enough funds to cover the gas fees.

Click on transfer and read the important nodes. Click continue when you are ready. You will also see the estimated gas fee for this transaction. Wait for the transaction to complete. The transaction has to be validated on Ethereum and also on the Polygon Blockchain (happens automated).

Once the transaction is complete, you will have the tokens on the Polygon Blockchain.

How do you convert ETH to MATIC?

The easiest way of converting ETH to MATIC is to use a centralized exchange like Kucoin, Coinbase or Binance.

If you do not want to use a centralized exchange you can use a bridge to get your funds from Ethereum to Polygon.

The transaction fee on a centralized exchange could be less than the Ethereum gas fee on the bridge route if you already have your ETH on the exchange.


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